Demolition / Excavation

Start Your Project the Right Way with Demolition & Excavation from A-1 Stone

Contrary to popular belief, demolition isn’t always the easiest part of a landscaping project — in many situations, it’s a risky process that’s best left to the professionals. An unmarked utility line or a load-bearing wall can quickly turn into a disaster, potentially causing serious property damage or safety issues.

At A-1 Stone, we have decades of experience in demolition and excavation, and we know how to clear a site without putting the rest of your property at risk. Our teams have the tools and knowledge to plan carefully, allowing for efficient and cost-effective work.

We offer demolition and excavation services for all types of properties, and as a fully licensed, bonded and insured company, we give you a safe way to plan your project. Whether your goal is to remove a retaining wall or completely replace a large concrete surface, we deliver fast, dependable and affordable results.

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Because we also offer landscaping, paving and related services, we can give you a comprehensive quote for any small or large-scale project. Speak with a member of our team by calling 206-323-1936 or fill out our online form for a fast response.